Holland Point Park

Bussed over to Beacon Hill Park again, but started south and walked towards James Bay area. I walked along the west coast and made it to Holland Point Park. I sat along side a seagull for about 20 minutes who I think just wanted to be photographed... I snapped about 50 images of him, I tried getting closer and closer to him, and got about 7 feet away where there was a gap so I couldn't get much closer... It's always tough to narrow the images down to just a few. As I went more west toward James Bay it got quite breezy. Some birds would either fly into the current and wouldn't be able to move anywhere so they were just kinda floating, and others would ride it, and be flying crazy fast without having to flap their wings. Pretty fun to watch. I ended up back at Beacon Hill Park where I snapped a few more pics of some flowers.